Day 1 

Date :21/11/2023  Day:Thursday



                  Day 2

Date :22/11/2023  Day:Friday


    1.  MUN
    2.  FUNFAIR - (Free for Visitors )
    3.   SCI-LAND(Science Exhibition)

  •        4. SYMBI-SKILLATHON(Start Up Idea)

                         Day 3 

Date :23/11/2023  Day:Saturday

  1. Singing Solo
  2. Singing Group
  3. Dancing Solo
  4. Dancing Group
  5. Fashion Show
  6. Live Band
  7. Drama

About Event

SYMBI-UTSAV 2023                                 
Let’s Recreate a energy
Every year, Symbiosis Junior College comes alive with the vibrant colours, rhythms, and flavours from around the world as it hosts its much-anticipated signature cultural event, the SYMBI -UTSAV 2023”. This event not only brings together students, staff, and the other colleges but also celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures that make up the heart and soul of our college. The event serves as a platform for students from various cultural backgrounds to showcase their traditions, cuisine, talents and present skills.

Cultural Performances:

One of the highlights of the festival is the mesmerizing array of cultural performances that transport the audience to different corners of the world. From traditional dance and music to contemporary fusion performances, the stage comes alive with energy and enthusiasm. The performances left the audience in awe of the immense talent and cultural richness found within the college's community.

No cultural event is complete without a feast of culinary delights. Food stalls representing various countries offer a diverse array of delectable dishes, allowing visitors to savour flavours from across the globe. From spicy Indian dishes, south Indian, chat, snacks etc.

Art and Craft Exhibition:

In addition to the performances and food, the festival features an art and craft exhibition that displays the artistic talents of students. Handcrafted items, paintings, and sculptures are on display, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of the college's students.

Community Engagement:

The SYMBI -UTSAV is not just an event for the college community; it also opens its doors to the wider community. Parents s and neighbouring schools are invited

Student Involvement:

A defining feature of SYMBI – UTSAV is the active participation of students. From the planning and organization committees to the performers and food vendors, students play a crucial role in making the event a success. It's a valuable learning experience that allows them to hone their organizational, leadership, and creative skills.

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